1: "1. Dynamic duo- Weatherly and de Pablo shine together on screen."

2: "2. Action-packed plot- Thrilling NCIS spinoff storylines keep viewers engaged."

3: "3. Chemistry on screen- Weatherly and de Pablo's on-screen chemistry is undeniable."

4: "4. Fan anticipation- May 2024 premiere has fans eagerly counting down the days."

5: "5. Quality production- NCIS spinoff promises top-notch production value."

6: "6. Familiar faces- Exciting cameos from original NCIS cast members."

7: "7. Compelling character arcs- Weatherly and de Pablo's characters face compelling challenges."

8: "8. Unique spinoff storyline- May 2024 debut offers fresh twist on popular series."

9: "9. Must-watch TV- This new spinoff is sure to be worth the wait."